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Wanna Vote is a free web app from Democracy Counts. It provides an independent audit of the official vote counts by allowing voters to unofficially vote a second time on our parallel voting system. A parallel voting system is just an independent system in which eligible voters cast an unofficial vote that exactly matches the way they voted in the official system. Both counts should be nearly the same. If they are not something may be amiss.

Attention Georgia Voters Who Haven't Submitted QR Codes!

If you've done the survey and could NOT find someone to scan your QR code, please send an email to and we will get back to you to arrange an upload.
If you're a Georgia voter who'd like to participate in Wanna Vote, be sure to fill out your survey by January 6 at
If you completed your Wanna Vote survey at any place other than your polling place, you probably have not yet uploaded your QR code, which contains your data. In this case please go to to upload your QR code remotely with a canvasser.
Wanna know more about Wanna Vote? Head to

Thanks for helping to verify the vote count with Wanna Vote!

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