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Wanna Vote instructions for
volunteer canvassers

Conducting Remote Voter Report Uploading

No Wanna Vote audit is currently underway.

When there is, these are the instructions for being a canvasser in the Wanna Vote Zoom Room data upload procedure.

1. Register to participate on the Wanna Vote Zoom-Room Reporting Signup Form

You'll be sent a link to this form. For security purposes, you'll be asked to give the name and email address of a "Reference"—this is just the person from whom you received your email invitation to be a canvasser. You will receive a mysterious-looking invitation titled "Microsoft on behalf of Democracy Counts" from You must complete the signup process contained in this email or you won't be able to use the canvasser app.
Please check your spam folder if you don't see this email within a day.

2. Test the Wanna Vote Canvasser app on your phone

First close any other open Wanna Vote browser windows on your phone. Then open a new private window and go to Press the Log In button. You will be taken to the Wanna Vote image capture tool with the "Read QR Code" button if the login was successful.

3. Sign up on Doodle for online canvasser shifts

You'll be sent a link to a Canvasser Sign-Up Doodle. This lets you sign up to staff the Zoom Room to read voters' Wanna Vote QR codes. You don't need to register for Doodle to do this. If you can't see the list of slots to sign up for, try scrolling down.

Sign up for as many shifts of 2 hours as you can. For each shift you sign up for, make sure you can check in 10 minutes before the start time to get set up with a Zoom breakout room to work in.

Please note: Voter traffic is unknown; there may be periods of both lots and few people. If there is no one waiting please feel free to work at your computer with the breakout room window minimized but visible. Alternatively you can return to the main room and chat with the dispatcher until a voter enters, at which point you can click "Join room" to return.

4. Attend your scheduled canvasser shift(s) in the Zoom Room

Ten minutes before your shift's start time, use your computer to access the Wanna Vote Zoom Room (the Zoom invite should be in your calendar). You will be admitted to the main meeting room, then transferred to a breakout room by a dispatcher where you will be made co-host. Single voters will be transferred to your breakout room. Open in a private browser window on your phone and be prepared to begin scanning QR codes.

5. Scan each voter's Wanna Vote QR code

When you have a voter's QR code in front of you, here's how to scan it with the canvasser app:
  • Press the "Read QR Code" button on the web app. Depending on your phone, you may be taken to a screen where you have to click "Camera" to use your camera (don't click "Gallery"). This brings up the camera tool on the Wanna Vote web app
  • Tips for taking good QR code photos:
    • Line up your phone with the QR code you're scanning so that the image appears like a square (rather than a parallelogram)
    • Be sure there is white space on all sides of the QR code in your image
    • Make sure the image on your phone is in focus
  • Take a picture of the QR code. Press "Use Photo" on iOS or "Ok" on Android to use the photo. You'll be taken back to the app's home screen
  • If your QR code scan is not readable, your scan will simply remain on the screen and you will not see the voter's name and other details. Try scanning the QR code again
  • Sometimes you may see a purple spinner that indicates that you have to wait for a moment
  • Under no circumstances is a voter to email their QR code, either to a canvasser or to themselves, for the purposes of transferring it between devices—it's not secure
  • Once you've pressed "Use Photo" or "Ok" on your photo, if your QR code scan is readable, the voter's name and zip code will appear on the screen, plus either their email address, phone number, or mailing address depending on which they chose
    • Ask the voter for their name and email address/phone number/mailing address as appropriate as a basic check if the QR code is legit.
    • If the information matches, press the Approve button to transmit the QR code securely to the database
    • If the information given verbally by the voter doesn't match what you see on your screen, press Decline. The QR code will be securely transferred to a different database for further analysis
    • Thank the voter and ask them to leave the breakout room
    • Send the host a message in Zoom chat indicating that you are done and your voter is heading to the main room. Give your breakout room number and the voter's name
A QR code.
A QR code on a voter's phone
A successful scan on a canvasser's phone

6. Be prepared for different QR code/device scenarios

Here are the most likely scenarios when processing voters' QR codes, from easiest to deal with to hardest:
  1. The voter has their QR code on their phone and are also on Zoom on that phone. Have them take a screenshot of the QR code (on iPhone press the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously, on Android, press the Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously). Have them navigate to Zoom and share the new screenshot in Zoom. You can now scan the QR code
  2. The voter has filled out the Wanna Vote survey on their computer and has the resulting QR code on their computer screen. They plan to submit it using Zoom on that same computer. Ask them to close any non-Wanna Vote-related browser windows with sensitive data. Then have them screen share their browser window in Zoom. Scan their QR code off of your computer screen
  3. The voter has filled out the Wanna Vote survey on their phone and has dialed into Zoom on their computer. You have three options:
    1. Have the voter hold the QR code on their phone close to their computer's camera so that the image appears in their window on Zoom. Encourage them to hold the camera very still so that the image is in focus. Then scan the QR code
    2. If that doesn't work, the voter may send the image via Bluetooth to their computer, where they may then open it in an image program. They can then share that window in Zoom and the canvasser can scan the QR code
    3. If that still doesn't work, you can ask the voter to redo the Wanna Vote survey on their computer, then proceed as in scenario 2 above
  4. If you get stuck or run into a situation that's not covered here, send a message in Zoom chat to the host. They might be able to pair your current voter with a different canvasser who can help
If you are having trouble scanning a QR code on your screen (especially if your voter is using a large computer monitor), ask the voter to zoom in by going to the View menu in their browser and selecting some form of "Zoom In". They may also be able to press "Control and +" (Windows) or "Command and +" (Mac) to zoom in. Try zooming in to 175% or higher to see if that helps.

If you're still having trouble and you need support, press "Leave Room" in the bottom right corner of Zoom. You'll pop up on the dispatcher's screen. Sit tight until the dispatcher addresses you. Meanwhile, the voter will be sitting in the room waiting for you to rejoin.

7. Finish up

When you've successfully uploaded the voter's QR code, thank them for participating. Then instruct them to press "Leave Room" in the bottom right corner of their Zoom screen, then "Leave Meeting" in the menu that pops up.

Once the voter has left, the Zoom dispatcher will see that your room has opened up and assign you a new voter.

8. Feel great that you helped to verify the vote count!

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