wendy strain testimonialWendy Strain
Writer, editor, ghostwriter at WriteonWendy.com said this when learning about our same-day election audit:

“Thank you so much for stepping up and doing something about this. It’s been a very difficult two years so far and fear for the future is at an all-time high with the dirty games being played, or at least not addressed. It’s comforting to know someone is doing something.”

Dear Friends,
We ran a great campaign in 2016. We thought we beat Debbie Wasserman Schultz and when brought a lawsuit to inspect the ballots to verify the election results, the Broward Supervisor of Elections illegally destroyed all the ballots in violation of multiple state and federal criminal statutes.
When the Florida Circuit Court granted us summary judgment, we fully expected the Florida governor to fire the Supervisor and for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the U.S. Attorney to investigate and bring criminal charges. Instead, we learned that the Republican establishment prefers to hide election rigging and cover up the worst crimes of establishment Democrats. They share the same corporate backers and they all prefer the status quo over progressive campaigns like ours.
How do we fight this organized crime, how do we make sure they cannot get away with stealing another election? I am thrilled to announce that Democracy Counts!, a nonprofit, nonpartisan election integrity group, has created the software to conduct a citizens’ audit of our upcoming November 6th election.
This can be a real game-changer! Democracy requires free and fair elections, and that means voting systems that are transparent and verifiable. Democracy Counts! has created “an election audit system that exposes ballot box stuffing, vote stealing, vote switching and other election fraud. The legitimacy of elections can now be verified with hard data” provided by their same-day citizens’ audit.
Daniel Wolf, the founder of Democracy Counts!, warns that “if we do not resolve the problem of election fraud (including voter suppression) soon, it could become truly intractable: Unchallenged voting system manipulation could produce larger unrepresentative legislative majorities, in turn producing more gerrymandered districts, greater incumbency advantage, ever-stricter voter suppression laws and practices, and increasingly partisan election workers wielding increasingly manipulated election machinery, ad infinitum. And as the new status quo ripples through judicial selection processes, the judiciary would grow more partisan and less apt to act as a constraint on political excesses.” Democracy Counts! provides a way to cut this Gordian Knot, but there’s no time to waste. As Daniel concludes, the November midterm elections are highly significant and therefore “the time is ripe to begin holding our electoral systems accountable.” The citizens’ audit provides the means to do so!
This is all very exciting and gives me hope that we can prevent another rigged election. The Democracy Counts! same-day citizens’ audit should restore our ability to choose our representatives and hold them accountable. No longer will we have to trust an untrustworthy election system. Now we can make sure that our voices will be heard when we vote.
Thank you for helping support our work to restore democracy by defeating the most corrupt political machine in the November election and ensuring a fair vote count.
Tim Canova