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Hi there! If you've made it to this page, you should have already taken your Wanna Vote survey and have your QR code ready to submit. (If you haven't, go back to to see how to get one).

QR codes are a great way to transfer this survey data:
  • They help preserve safe pandemic distancing
  • They assure that users can be remotely validated as registered voters
  • They prevent bots from flooding the system

Attention Georgia Voters Who Haven't Submitted QR Codes!

If you've done the survey and could NOT find someone to scan your QR code, please send an email to and we will get back to you to arrange an upload.

And now back to the normal instructions...

If there's a Wanna Vote Canvasser near you in person, you can submit your QR code with them in person. Otherwise, follow the instructions below to submit your QR code remotely over Zoom.

Instructions For Remotely Submitting Your Wanna Vote QR Code

1. Get your device(s) ready

  • Get your device with your Wanna Vote QR code on it (usually your smartphone, tablet, or computer)
  • Decide which device you'd like to use to sign into Zoom (it could be the same device as above or a different one). Make sure Zoom is installed on that device
  • It's usually easiest to use the same device for Zoom as for the QR code

2. Access the Wanna Vote Reporting Zoom Room

  • Click on this Wanna Vote Reporting Zoom Room link on your designated device.
  • Enter the passcode 531118
  • If there is a line, you may be put on hold for a few minutes before being admitted to the room
  • The hours of operation of this Zoom room are 11am-3pm and 5pm-9pm EST on election day January 5, and January 6 and 7, 2021. We apologize that the hours are restricted, but we are a very small operation and rely on volunteers for staffing

3. Submit your QR code in a Breakout Room with a Canvasser

  • When you are admitted to the Zoom Room, you will be asked for your name and then transferred to a breakout room where you will meet a staffer
  • Your staffer will work with you to find a way for you to display your QR code on their screen. They will then take a picture of the QR code with our Wanna Vote Canvasser app, which will securely send the QR code data to our servers
  • If you're accessing Zoom on the same device as you completed the Wanna Vote survey, your staffer will ask you to share your browser window Zoom and take a picture of your QR code. If it doesn't work, your staffer may ask you to zoom in on your browser window (either by going to the View menu and selecting "Zoom In" or "Control and +" (Windows) or "Command and +" (Mac)), especially if you have a large monitor
  • If you took the survey on your phone but are accessing Zoom on your computer, you'll be asked to hold your phone up to your webcam so your staffer can scan your QR code. Try to hold your phone steady
  • Other situations may come up. Your staffer will walk you through the appropriate steps or ask another staffer for help if necessary
  • Avoid other ways of transferring the QR code data (such as email). They are not secure
  • When you're finished, your staffer will instruct you to leave the zoom room by clicking "Leave Meeting" in the lower right corner of Zoom

Thank you for participating in Wanna Vote
and helping protect American elections!

For more information visit us at

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