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We are delighted that you’ve chosen to get our newsletter and keep hanging in there with us as we grow Democracy Counts! Our goal is to facilitate audits in all the swing states in 2020.

I am coming back to you again today because a generous friend and supporter has committed to match donations made in the next TEN days.  So now is the time, because your dollars just DOUBLED!! Please, if you are able to help a bit more, to secure the next election, DO IT NOW.

Please use this PayPal link to make your tax-deductible donation.

The goal of conducting audits in the swing states, to ensure that the person who takes office is the person who actually won, is more than audacious, it verges on insanely ambitious (and possibly simply insane). Here are the reasons we believe that the tide has turned and we might be able to pull it off:

  • The Democratic Progressive Caucus of Broward County, Florida, has committed to conducting full audits for their primary and general elections in 2020. They are actively doing outreach to labor unions and civil society groups, and the Florida Democratic Party is getting behind them. (We hope this will excite activists in Florida and other states to launch their own audits.)

  • Our system was a finalist in the new tech for social change competition at the Netroots Nation convention in Philadelphia, where we received very favorable notice and press interviews.

  • Emmy-winning journalist Lulu Friesdat asked me to describe our Data Preservation App to the audience of her election security panel. Afterwards Stephanie Singer of Verified Voting called it “a game changer” and said she is “all in” on it. 

  • Ralph Nader’s organization Public Citizen reached out to us to find out how their supporters can engage.

  • I was invited to New York to dine with (among others) a program director at the Ford Foundation, who wants to talk about funding, a woman who is connecting us with a billionaire friend who gives millions to liberal causes, and a Nobel Prize-winning economist who was an important Clinton Administration official. Everyone was excited about our system.

  • A second trip took me to the NEXUS Global Summit in New York, where I joined 848 philanthropists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs engaged in solving crises around the world. Everyone I met was excited by what we’re doing, and there is a high probability that I’ll be permitted to address the plenary of the upcoming Washington, D.C. conference in February. These people are rich, connected, and motivated. 

  • An experienced software project manager has taken charge of software development to make sure that our Data Preservation App will be ready before primary season. (We are partnering with Quadrant2 in NYC for image management; they developed the ACLU’s Mobile Justice app.)

  • Hundreds of people are tweeting about us now.

I began Democracy Counts with a simple idea four years ago this month. With the hard work of co-founders and later team members, that idea has developed into a full-fledged system, we have trialed it in two real-world elections, and a once-outlandish and improbable idea is finally growing serious legs. 

We have done all this with about $30,000 in donations, uncountable hours of unpaid/volunteer time, and unending hope (and slogging) in the face of the unending complacency of the political class. Now we are on the cusp of breaking through. 

The next election may be make-or-break for democracy, health care, climate change, gun safety, and more. Making sure that it is not stolen in the swing states is crucial. Please make a contribution if you can. No amount is too little or too much, and every cent goes to moving the system forward, with travel and outreach, constant nickel-and-dime expenses, and more.  

This is for you and yours as well as for us and ours, and it will not be accomplished by “them”, it will be accomplished by us!

You can use this PayPal link to make your tax-deductible donation. to donate. We also take checks (see below). 

Thank you again for your prior support.

 Best regards,


Daniel H. Wolf, Esq.

Founder, CEO Democracy Counts!

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  Raising a citizen army to defend our republic. 

PS: There are other important ways to help. Perhaps you know people in a probable swing state. Please reach out to them – see if they know activists with the moxie to go big and save American democracy. Send them to our website at Give them my email address.

Or perhaps you know a politician, a celebrity, or someone else with influence who would understand the importance of securing elections. Please introduce us.

Or perhaps you would like to host a house party and invite your friends. They are a great way for your friends and colleagues to learn about Democracy Counts, and they multiply your impact.

If you’d like to set up your own match campaign, please email Anne at or by phone at 619 434 6110.

Again, please use this PayPal link to make your tax-deductible donation. . If you want to send a check, make it out to Democracy Counts and mail it to 2227 29th Street, San Diego, CA, 92104, USA. Thanks!