America’s patchwork of weak and vulnerable vote-counting machinery, including our notorious paperless touch-screen systems, is disturbingly vulnerable to fraud. There is substantial circumstantial, statistical and anecdotal evidence that such fraud is common. If true, then some elected officials were not legitimately elected and do not represent the majority of their voters. This has inspired widespread belief that elections in America are being rigged, by both parties, undermining the legitimacy of government and its officials. Lack of transparency and verifiability contributes to this belief.

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Interesting links

The following YouTube videos are part of a collection that we have been assembling of interesting and revealing videos on different aspects of the problem. Their credibility varies between pretty good and very good. If you leave them to autoplay from one to the next you’ll see the entire collection; if you click on the video choices that scroll across the bottom of the screen you’ll go off on a tangent.


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