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911 for Candidates, etc.

If you’re a candidate or work for one who is concerned about the accuracy of your vote count, this is the place to start.

Democracy Counts 911 for Candidates etc.
Candidates! Do you suspect that there may have been errors in counting your votes?
There are ways to verify the official results.
In a hotly contested or close election, it’s important that everyone have confidence in the results. And while this means graciously conceding defeat after all the votes are counted in a fair race, it also means taking reasonable measures to verify the count and the reporting, in case that error, or worse, fraud could have occurred.

Some indications of possible error or fraud:

Large differences from pre-election polls

  • Statistically significant differences from exit polls
  • Unusual partisan shifts compared to prior years
  • Unusual turnout variations
  • Excessive or strange numbers of undervotes or overvotes

What you can do about it?

There are two principal metrics that you and your volunteers can obtain to check for discrepancies that might point to outcome-shifting error or fraud:

  • Compare poll tapes and other tabulations with official results to verify that official reports accurately reflect the tabulations of the vote counters. Our free app, Actual Votemakes this process easy, but any photographs of poll tapes can be compared to official results.
  • Examine sample precincts that show unexpected results to verify that the number of people who say they voted for you aligns with the number of votes that officials reported voted for you. For example, if 100 individuals in Precinct X report that they voted for you, but officials report that you received only 50 votes, that would constitute a suspicious discrepancy.. There are specific legal requirements to the way this is done, so the measurements are valid in court, but this is the general idea.
  • A simple method that everyone can understand for evaluating such discrepancies or potential fraud is to simply walk a suspect precinct and ask voters how they voted.  We are developing systematic processes, with easy-to-use apps, to make it easier to do this. We will post more information with a link here soon.

If you would like help examining your district for suspicious discrepancies, please email: with 911 in the subject and someone from Democracy Counts will contact you.

In the meantime, if you harbor genuine doubts about the outcome of your race, do not concede. There is no need to allege fraud — it is enough to say that you believe in the old adage “trust, but verify”, and that you will be convinced by the evidence, whatever it is.

See also the email send to candidates about the 911 initiative.




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Reach out to our Audit Committees
An Audit Committee is a group of friends, neighbors and interested people who work together to audit elections in their neighborhood. It’s rewarding and effective. Our Audit Committees can help you get started in TAKING ACTION with Actual Vote and other tools as they come online.
Florida – Broward County – Our First…

If you’re in or near Broward County here is their contact information you’ll want to connect with Citizen’s Audit of Broward. They are our first Audit Committee, they won’t be our last and they’ve set a high standard while making it look (almost) easy.

Email: – Jamie Friend Organizing Chair and President of the Progressive Caucus of Broward County, For urgent or time sensitive communication contact Jamie directly at 754-423-0851.
For candidates and their staff:

We’d love to hear from you!  Please send us an an email at:

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