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You can help in any number of ways (see below).

You can send us an email at:

Here are some ideas of the ways you can participate:

Sign up to be an auditor (send us your contact info); when the software is live to the public consider creating your own local audit team.

Other roles:
  • Social Media
  • Advisory/mentor
  • Civil society relations
  • Cybersecurity
  • Stakeholder relations, communications
  • Data analysis & statistics
  • Development and fundraising
  • Financial, accounting and bookkeeping
  • Graphic design, website design
  • Legal
  • Management and administration
  • Marketing and sales
  • Public relations and civic outreach
  • Security and threat analysis
  • Software design, programming and testing, database design and management
  • Survey development
  • Technical writing
  • Training
  • Videography
  • Volunteer management

Please consider playing a role, however small, in making it happen.

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