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Some ways to participate

Sign up to be an auditor (send us your contact info); when the software is live to the public consider creating your own local audit team.

Other roles:


Civil society relations


Stakeholder relations, communications

Data analysis & statistics

Development and fundraising

Financial, accounting and bookkeeping

Graphic design, website design


Management and administration

Marketing and sales

Public relations and civic outreach

Security and threat analysis

Software design, programming and testing, database design and management

Survey development

Technical writing



Volunteer management

Other ways you might be able to help:

We want to adapting the system to other electoral systems around the world and release it to democracy activists worldwide as soon as we get it dialed in for the United States. With your help we will be able to. Please share this project in your network and especially with anyone you believe can help in any significant way. And please consider making a donation, to forward the system’s development – every little bit helps. This is an opportunity to produce lasting positive change in democracies around the world.

Please consider playing a role, however small, in making it happen.

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