Real Reasons Why Voting and Accurate Vote Counting Is Important

Accurate vote counting is just as important as voting in our opinion. With the Presidential election  just weeks away, it seems like a good time to remind everyone how important the vote actually is: Elections are how “we the people”… Continue Reading →

What in the World is a Poll Tape?

In the world of elections in the United States, the majority of polling places actually count the votes that were cast right there at the end of the Election Day. Whether touch screen voting & counting machines are used, or… Continue Reading →

What is the Electoral College?

The founding fathers – yes, they were all men – created what we call the Electoral College with Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution. It was a compromise between those who wanted a democratic election of… Continue Reading →

What Determines the Swing States?

A swing state, sometimes called a battleground state, is one where both parties are considered likely to have a chance to carry that state in the Presidential election. One way to understand the swing states is to see that they… Continue Reading →

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