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Printable Practice Instructions

Printable practice instructions including a poll tape mock-up you can practice with are here: Actual Vote Mobile App Instructions (.pdf).

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Using the App


  • Review!
    • Playback your recording to see how it looks before using, to make sure it is readable.
  • Go Slow
    • For best results, take your time!
  • Stay Parallel
    • Keep your camera parallel to the poll tape. This can be quite a challenge if the tape reaches the ground, but do the best you can!
  • Bring a Friend
    • In the field, poll tapes may not be posted flat nor be well lit. Ask a friend to help!
  • Duplicate Recordings are Good!
    • Go ahead and make your own recording of poll tapes even if you see or suspect someone else may already have done so.  Independent recordings help corroborate each other.
  • Bring a Flashlight
    • Some locations may not be well lit. Hold the flashlight at an angle to avoid reflections.
  • Record Them All!
    • Poll tapes are often posted near the main entrance, but sometimes taped behind windows.
    • There may be more than one.
    • Look around for any poll tapes that may have fallen or been blown away by wind.
    • If you can’t find them, ask around.


By using Actual Vote, you are helping to make our democracy more secure and transparent. Please let your family, friends, and social media contacts know what you are doing. They may want to participate as well!


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