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Real Reasons Why Voting and Accurate Vote Counting Is Important

Anne Wayman

accurate vote countingAccurate vote counting is just as important as voting in our opinion. With the Presidential election  just weeks away, it seems like a good time to remind everyone how important the vote actually is:

Elections are how “we the people” actually have a say in how our government works and how the government decides what to fix, change or let slide.

The people we vote for are the ones who make those decisions for us. Accurate Vote Counting is really the only way you can be sure you're voice will be heard. Elections decide:

  • How much we pay in taxes or how little.
  • How much we receive in social security or if social security even continues to exist.
  • How, and even if, we’ll tackle issues like climate change and a pandemic or election fraud.
  • If issues of injustice, like racism, gender discrimination, income equality and who gets privilege will be addressed at all, and if so, exactly how.
  • Who will benefit from education.
  • What judges will be appointed, including the Supreme Court, some for life.
  • What we hope our position in the larger world will be like and how we’ll treat other countries. 
  • Who will be allowed to immigrate here and who will be kept out, and how far we’ll go to keep them out.
  • What sort of health care you will have and how it will be paid for.
  • If you can live pretty much where you choose or not.
  • What rights you have or don’t have about your body. And if you don’t, who does.
  • Who gets to vote and who doesn’t.
  • How laws are enforced, any punishments, including if the death penalty is used or not.
  • How elections are run, including ballot design, what’s public information or not, how the vote will be counted and what part the public can play in that count.
  • How candidates are required to raise money for election campaigns.
  • How corporations behave, including how honest they have to be and how fair.
  • If or not corporations should be treated as people and be able to contribute to political campaigns.
  • If government should be involved in protecting small, local businesses.
  • Overseeing safety on airplanes, railroads, cars, and many kinds of boats.
  • How to raise and maintain a military for defense or if we should? 
  • When to go to war or not.
  • What rights states have and don’t have and how they can work together or not.

In a very real way the folks we elect determine how our democracy works, or doesn’t.

As you looked at this list you’re very likely to have an opinion about each item one way or the other, or at least most of them. That’s exactly why you should vote and demand that elections be independently audited for accuracy. Better yet, recruit an audit committee in your community and help make sure the vote is counted correctly. Or find someone who is willing to do the recruiting.

All these reasons and many more are why, in addition to voting, you should take action on making sure the vote is counted accurately. 

That’s what we do… provide the tools to independently audit elections.

You can help independently verify the vote at your polling place by using Democracy Counts’, downloadable app to your on your smartphone and take pictures of the poll tapes for comparison with the ‘official’ record. 

Curious about poll tapes? Click here.

Anne Wayman

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