Daniel H. Wolf

Founder and CEO

Dan wrote the world’s first country-specific manual for election observing, A Guide for Election Observers-1984 Nicaraguan Elections, while at Harvard Law School, and conducted further democracy-oriented research during his Ph.D. program at UCSD. In 2012 he was senior adviser for the IEOM Report on Taiwan Elections, Final WWC 12Mar12 of the International Election Observation Mission that monitored the 2012 Taiwan elections. He is a lawyer, political scientist, and social entrepreneur. His personal theme song for Democracy Counts is here.

Email: d.wolf@democracycounts.org, LinkedIn: danielwolf, Facebook: daniel.h.wolf.esq

Anne Wayman


Anne is both insightful and indomitable. Once, while sailing in the South Seas, her boat was shipwrecked. Compared to that experience, fixing the hull of American democracy is a cakewalk!

Email: a.wayman@democracycounts.org

Dave ‘didge’ Masser-Frye


Digital Dave, or didge for short, is a software architect and app developer with 30 years of experience across multiple industries.  He is passionate about the role of technology in social justice.

Email: didge@democracycounts.org, LinkedIn: didge

Pulkit K. Agrawal

Board Member

Pulkit is an active member of the Harvard Club of San Diego Alumni Association, lover of travel and the Founder and CEO of The 5th Ingredient, a company that helps breweries track their data from grain-to-glass.

Email: pka@the5thingredient.com, LinkedIn: pulkitkagrawal, Web: The 5th Ingredient

Philip Rakita

Board Member

Email: perakita@aol.com, LinkedIn: philip-rakita-6897148

Chad Baker


Chad Baker is a software architect with over 20 years of experience building high volume, large-scale applications in a diverse array of industries including defense, transportation, utilities, and finance.

Email: chad@bullcityconsulting.net, LinkedIn: chad-baker-18742a123

Joe Atzinger


Email: joe.atzinger.dev@gmail.com