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Meet the Team

Our team is diverse and committed to helping verify election totals.

Daniel H. Wolf

Founder and CEO, Board Member

Dan wrote the world’s first country-specific manual for election observing, A Guide for Election Observers for the Nicaraguan Elections of 1984 while at Harvard Law School, and conducted further democracy-oriented research during his Ph.D. program at UCSD. In 2012 he was senior adviser for the IEOM Report on Taiwan Elections of the International Election Observation Mission that monitored the 2012 Taiwan elections. He is a lawyer, political scientist, and social entrepreneur. His personal theme song for Democracy Counts is here.

Anne Wayman

COO, Board Member

Anne is both insightful and indomitable. Once, while sailing in the South Seas, her boat was shipwrecked. Compared to that experience, fixing the hull of American democracy is a cakewalk!

Dave ‘didge’ Masser-Frye

CTO, Board Member

Digital Dave, or didge for short, is a software architect and app developer with 30 years of experience across multiple industries. He is passionate about the role of technology in social justice.

Hon. Carroll G. Robinson, ESQ.

Board Member

Civil rights, civil liberties and democracy advocate committed to economic equity, environmental justice, social equality and equal justice under the law for all who live in America and visit our nation. Carroll is committed to protecting the right to vote of all Americans and making it easier and more accessible to register and vote. He believes that the ballot box and the integrity of elections across our nation are the keystone to our democracy.

Carroll is a believer in The Declaration of Independence and absolutely agrees that the legitimacy of government is derived “from the consent of the governed” as expressed at the ballot box and through their right to “peaceably” assemble “to petition ... for a redress of grievances.”

Joe Atzinger

Developer of Wanna Vote & Security Systems Expert

Joe is a software architect with over 15 years of experience in medical devices, cryptography, security, and data loss prevention. He used his knowledge and passion for fair elections to develop our web app, Wanna Vote, a key tool in auditing election results and determining voter suppression.

He is passionate about making a difference by lighting up cores.

Pulkit K. Agrawal

Emeritus Board Member

Pulkit is an active member of the Harvard Club of San Diego Alumni Association, lover of travel and the Founder and CEO of The 5th Ingredient, a company that helps breweries track their data from grain-to-glass.

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People-Powered Election Audits
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