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Accurate elections are an essential part of free and fair elections and assumed to be the norm in our representative democracy. And yet, error and fraud are endemic in our unsecured and partisan election systems, most significantly in those swing states that determine the outcome of the Electoral College.

Democracy Counts is a non-profit, non-partisan organization creating technology for independent, citizen-led audits that can successfully challenge suspect elections before results are certified.

By putting open and easy to use tools in the hands of citizens, we hope to strengthen democracy by shining a light on the injustices and inequalities at all levels of election systems, both here and abroad.

Our Start

A simple idea started Democracy Counts. In 2015 our founder Dan Wolf was researching apps, the better to advise a blockchain tech startup on securities matters. He realized that mobile apps might be a tool to empower people-powered audits of elections, to prevent unelected people from taking office illegitimately, and thereby to improve the representativeness and performance of government. Members of the blockchain startup then started the project that led to Democracy Counts. In June 2016 in three California cities we beta tested an early version of what has become our Wanna Vote app, and in 2018 we beta tested what has become Actual Vote.

Moving Forward

Democracy Counts is focused on solving issues with our election systems to restore faith in democracy. We are currently expanding our base of organizations in crucial swing states that are interested in conducting primary and general election audits for 2020. If you are a member of any organization that is interested in conducting polling place audits or could contribute in any other way to our efforts, please:
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About Our Initiatives

The free tools we make can be used by anyone anywhere to audit elections and identify errors that might point to foul play. In the future, we may also create specialized local election auditing solutions.

For Individuals

Individuals can use Actual Vote to capture posted voting results at their polling places, and potentially other polling places in their area. After the election, they can help analyze the data they collect. They can also contact us to volunteer to help an analysis committee with a larger-scale election data analysis effort. With Democracy Counts, even one individual can help strengthen democracy.

For Organizations

Organized audit committees of any size can coordinate to audit an election in a thorough, targeted way. They can utilize Actual Vote to collect poll tape data from their local precincts. They can also utilize Wanna Vote to independently check the actual ballot count, which Actual Vote does not do. After the election, they can work together to transcribe and analyze the election data they collected, identify and investigate discrepancies, and release their findings to the public. A large network of such committees operating independently in different locations would constitute a comprehensive safeguard against foul play in vote counting and reporting, and could potentially prevent an election from being stolen. Democracy Counts’ tools make this possible. 

Democracy Counts
People-Powered Election Audits
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