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America’s representative democracy is in danger. Our government has fallen into the hands of elites, and fails to meet the needs of ordinary people.

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It is time to restore integrity to the voting process, to protect your right to elect representatives who will protect all Americans.

Voting is the right that preserves all other rights. Counting errors and fraud destroy that right.

Act now to help restore your ability to elect a responsive government.

Donate now to help Democracy Counts audit the 2020 election. Our same-day election audits will help ensure that the candidates who take office are the candidates who genuinely won.

MAKE A CHANGE. Restore the integrity of American elections.

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The match works like this: Democracy Counts will receive $10,000 when your donations reach $5,000.

How will your donation be used? Most of the money will support software development, outreach to activists in swing states, and improving our ability to raise additional funds.

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