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The 2020 elections are at risk of being stolen. High stakes, huge rewards for the winner, and vulnerable voting systems create an irresistible attraction for domestic hackers and foreign governments.

There are no fixes on the near horizon. The federal government is AWOL and most state legislatures are too partisan to implement effective reforms before November 2020. America desperately needs a workaround with which to protect our coming elections.

Democracy Counts! has developed that workaround. It is the world’s first real-time election audit system. Using our mobile apps regular people everywhere in the United States (and eventually abroad) can track, preserve and analyze their local voting data. Significant discrepancies between its results and official results can be used to challenge suspicious elections and demand investigations. This will hold local election administrations accountable and disrupt corrupt political machines.

Our goal for 2020 is to launch audits in all the battleground states, where the presidential election is decided. But Americans everywhere can use the software to launch their own local audits, which can be as small as a precinct or as large as a state. Local elections are important, as their outcomes often determine local citizens’ quality of life.

Effective action is necessary, right now. Public education, lobbying and pressure are an important part of the solution — we have to be ready with good solutions if and when we have the opportunity to implement reforms. But these processes are slow and will not help in time for 2020.

America faces an important challenge: Will we preserve and protect our representative system of government, or will we allow it to suffer continuing and possibly irreparable damage? In other words, will we continue to fiddle while Rome burns? Or will we pitch in to fight the fire?

Democracy Counts! has produced the tools that Americans need to say Yes! to preserving and protecting our system of government, and a resounding No! to its continuing decline.

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