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Our republic is under attack.
You can help protect it.

Election error, insider fraud, and hacking by foreign governments all threaten to destabilize our democracy. It’s happening right now.

Verify the vote at your polling place with our free app, Actual Vote

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Here are the facts:
Attacks on our elections damage our country.
1. Foreign governments have attacked recent U.S. elections according to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the House and Senate.
2. Tech giants and intelligence officials have gathered evidence that multiple foreign governments are actively attacking our election systems.

3. These attackers are trying to turn us against each other.

4. They attacked every single state’s election system.

5. America has its own history of insiders who have committed election fraud.

6. Only 2 of 50 states conduct adequate audits to verify that their results are correct.

7. As a result, only 40% of Americans trust our elections.
Restoring trust requires restoring integrity.
How? By ensuring that our votes are counted and reported accurately.
Actual Vote is the beginning of the solution.
It exposes errors in transmission of voting data before official announcement.
Watch this video to see how easily YOU can be a guardian of democracy
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Here's How You Do It
When you install Actual Vote, you become part of a nationwide team of polling place auditors working together to verify official vote totals and catch foul play.
Using Actual Vote, you video-record and preserve the information contained on the poll tapes in your area.
Your videos are uploaded to our secure servers.
You have just captured polling place-level data!
Our teams then compare your videos with official results. Discrepancies are exposed, whether caused by error or fraud.
When we discover discrepancies, officials must correct them. If they don’t, affected parties can take our evidence to court.
By engaging in this process, you hold election officials accountable and deepen participatory democracy.
But all this only works if we all work together.
Do your part. Engage. Commit to saving your country.
Start now! Download the app.
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Actual Vote is only the start.
Our Wanna Vote™ tool is the next step in the journey to ensuring election integrity.
Errors in computerized counting machines cannot be seen with the naked eye.
For this we have created Wanna Vote. It allows voters to cast a check-vote on our parallel system. We then compare the parallel count with the official count.
If they line up, all’s good. If the official count is lower than ours, that’s a discrepancy that can be investigated and challenged.
Visit to learn how to use this tool to help ensure the integrity of the count.
It’s up to us
to protect
our republic.
Democracy Counts
People-Powered Election Audits
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