Verifying the Vote Using a Revolutionary Same-Day Election Audit System

Democracy Counts! has created a same-day election audit system that exposes election fraud and error. Suspect elections can now be challenged with hard data before results are certified. Suspect results can be enjoined by courts and investigations ordered. 

Democracy requires free, fair and accurate elections. Accurate elections require voting systems that are transparent and verifiable, to guarantee that the candidate winning the most votes is actually the candidate declared the winner. Most voting systems, including in the U.S., are vulnerable to fraud. When this happens in local elections local politics and policies are distorted; when it happens in national elections the results can be disastrous for the United States and for the world.

We are restoring to citizens their right to choose their government and to hold it accountable. No longer will we have to rely on hope that all votes will be fairly counted. Now we can be sure that when we vote our votes will be counted accurately and the true winner put in office.  And with that we can start taking the difficult steps required to overcome political dysfunction, improve justice and equality, address critical environmental challenges, and build a more equitable economy.

The flow chart below provides a helicopter-eye view of how our audit system works.

Key Processes Flow Chart (slide)


Our first official audit will be conducted between October 22 and November 6, 2018, of the race for Congress between incumbent Debbie Wasserman Schultz and two-time challenger Tim Canova. Fraud was strongly suspected in the 2016 election during their initial match-up; we hope that our presence auditing the election will deter fraud, but if it doesn’t then we hope to expose any discrepancies between the true vote and the reported vote.

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Meet our team

Daniel H. Wolf, Esq. (founder, CEO)

Dan Wolf at marina
Dan wrote the world’s first country-specific manual for election observing, for the Nicaraguan elections of 1984, while at Harvard Law School, and did further democracy-oriented research during his Ph.D. program at UCSD. In 2012 he was senior adviser to the International Election Observation Mission that monitored the 2012 Taiwan elections. He is a lawyer, political scientist, and social entrepreneur. He has a daughter, 19, with whom he snorkels and watches BBC’s Sherlock, and likes to sail and body surf. His personal theme song for Democracy Counts is here.
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Eric Hillis (database design)


Eric joined Democracy Counts in April of 2016, during the fury being generated by the suspected fraud in the primaries involving Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.  He offered to help Democracy Counts to get something working for the California Primary, and ended up developing most of that first version of the software.  He worked with Melissa Schwartz to get something working for the 2016 election, and has been in a mostly consultant role since then.  He has 30+ years of experience in software development and looks forward to being a part of building a more just political system, currently focusing on our untrusted voting system.  Besides writing code, Eric enjoys traveling with his wife Rodica and visits her home country of Romania every year.  He also started jogging again after 15+ years off due to constant leg injuries.  The picture was taken after jogging at Torrey Pines, San Diego, near where he lives.
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Michael Nelson (accounting, financial planning)

Senior Finance & Accounting Executive with over 20 years’ experience leading high performing teams at Fortune 500 corporations, privately-held companies and non-profit organizations. Directed the finance and accounting activities for several multi-million dollar acquisitions and a $100M joint-venture to form a B2B company. Extensive experience leading global finance teams at high technology, telecommunications and software companies. MBA in International Finance from University of South Carolina, B.S. degrees in chemistry and biology from UC Irvine. Certified Public Accountant designation from Washington State (currently inactive).


Bopamo Osaisai (data analytics)


Melissa Schwartz (software design, social media outreach)

Melissa Schwartz, cropped
Melissa appeared in our lives to manage the Los Angeles pilot of the exit vote function in June, 2016, and has been a selfless and supremely dedicated colleague and friend since. She sold Dan on the idea of allowing citizens to self-organize to do audits, which is the key to scaling and widespread adoption.  Besides being talented at design and coding, she is an excellent collaborator, recruiter, photographer/videographer, animal lover, and has kept much of the team inspired through the low periods that every startup experiences.
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Pulkit K. Agrawal (advisor, sage)

Pulkit graduated from Harvard College and then moved out to San Diego to work in the world of brewing beer!  He is currently the Founder and CEO of The 5th Ingredient, a company that helps breweries track their data from grain-to-glass.  Dan and Pulkit became friends through the Harvard Club of San Diego alumni association, and their similar interests in entrepreneurship, startups, and swimming.  Pulkit loves traveling and has been to 24 countries!
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